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Research Committee

To promote the Research and Development in our institution a well drafted policy is scripted and followed .The research policy includes the promotion of research activity among the faculty members and involving the students to enhance the knowledge of recent developments and future hopes.

Objectives of Research Policy

The broad objective of the research policy is to provide guide lines for undertaking high impact and context specific applied research and to promote innovation and consultancy activities through development of Research centre and centre of excellence and also to motivate the students to take up the extension activities.

  • To implement this policy the Institution has to make effects to promote research activities in the department level, Staff member level and Student level.
  • To increase the facility to do consultancy works by department and staff members.
  • To insist the students to take up extension activities by enriching their knowledge on serving the community and enhancing the social awareness.
  • To establish Advisory Committee and Research Ethics committee in the institution to enhance research activities.
  • To create the platform for the faculty members and students to promote research activities.
  • To encourage the faculty members for RandD activities in the area of their specialization in a group.
  • To motivate staff members and students to publish technical papers for publishing in Nationa/l International Conferences/Journals.
  • To initiate, develop and coordinate research in newly emerging areas of science and engineering including all multi-disciplinary fields
  • To assist faculty members of all the disciplines in engineering/science andHumanities in RandD activities for their professional growth
  • To assist and motivate the faculty members in getting research grant from National and International agencies by submitting research projects.
  • To inculcate relationships with reputed industries and agencies to know the requirement and expectation of industries.
  • To provide seed money for the faculty members with the approval of Governing body or the Management peer team.
  • To introduce new value added courses, training programs, workshops that promotes students towards innovation and entrepreneurship activities.
  • To activate Incubation centres and see that the products so emanate march ahead towards commercialization.
  • To create an ecosystem for innovations, foster and encourage entrepreneurship including incubation center, and other initiatives for creation and transfer of knowledge
  • To facilitate community-oriented research initiatives and transfer the research findings for the social innovation and economic development of the community/society
  • To award the faculty members and students and concerned departments who are all actively pursuing research works and consultancy works
  • To arouse social consciousness of the students by providing them opportunities to work with and among the people.
  • To develop an awareness and knowledge of social realities to have concern for the well being of the community and engage in creative and constructive social action.
  • To identify the needs and problems of in and around community through student’s extension activities.
  • To identify and establish Industry-Institute Interaction through MOUs for long relationships with the national and international academic institutions of higher learning and research institutions for widening the scope of research options and funding opportunities for the faculties and students

Research Promotion Policy

The institute provides necessary facilities and a promising environment to promote research, consultancy, innovation and intellectual capital.

  • All the faculty members are encouraged to conduct research in the focused as well as interdisciplinary areas of research
  • Full administrative support is provided to all faculty members students for filling of patents/other IPR related activities
  • The SEED money for internal projects is provided by the institution to encourage initial research related activities for all potential faculties
  • Faculty members with Masters Degree qualification shall register for Ph.D. and are permitted to pursue Ph.D. under part time mode in the Anna University or any other reputed University
  • Faculty member with Ph.D. qualification shall publish minimum one SCI paper per year and Faculty with Masters Degree qualification shall publish a minimum of two Scopus indexed paper's per year
  • The UG and PG projects are research focused and could be published either in the SCI/SCIE/SSCI or Scopus indexed journals
  • The Institution supports for organizing of high-level topical conferences/workshops/seminars
  • Annual awards to the faculty members for the excellence in research grants, publications, outside world interaction is provided by the Institution
  • Support for any other activity that can be justified by the faculty member to be of significance to carry out their research work will be provided

Policy for Research and Consultancy Project

The Institute gives reward to faculty members for the Research and Consultancy Project works carried out in the respective year. This practice is introduced by the Management to impart research culture and to motivate faculty towards identifying new innovations.

Policy for Research and Consultancy Project

  • The consultancy work will be carried out under the guidance of Head of the institution and Research and development cell.
  • Faculty should motivate the students towards participation in industrial consultancy projects.

Code of Ethics in Academic Research

  • To provide Good Practice in Academic Research
  • To give Academic Freedom, Integrity and Responsibility
  • To authenticate Institutional Responsibilities by providing Training
  • To illustrate Publication Practice and Authorship
  • To explore Research Misconduct and Identifying Levels
Tasks of the Ethics Committee
  • The ethical committee is responsible for creating and promoting transparent academic environment conducive to the application of research works.


S.No. Name Designation Position
1Dr.R.Satish KumarPrincipal Chairman
2Dr.K.UmadeviProfessor & HOD EEEDean (Planning & Development)
3Dr.P.RameshkumarDean (Research & Development)Dean
4Dr.K.L.PalanisamyDean (Student Affairs)Dean
6Dr.S.Thanga PrakashProfessor /EEE Member
7Dr.M.Seeni RajanAssoc.Prof/HOD/CivilMember
8Dr.M.SakthivelAssoc.Prof . & HOD /CSEMember
9Dr.C.AarthiAssoc.Prof & HOD /ECEMember
10Prof. N .Thiru Senthil AthibanAsst.Prof. & HOD/MechMember

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