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Controller of Examinations

Controller of Examinations (CoE) was established from the Academic Year 2019-2020

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Collection of student bio data from the students.
  • Mapping Electives from the students for the current semester.
  • Conducting CIE test for the students of various UG/PG Programmes.
  • Preparation of exam schedule, Hall allocation and Seating arrangements for Continuous Internal Evaluation Test (CIE).
  • Collection of Question Papers from the departments, printing and disseminating for CIE test.
  • Collecting Practical examination schedule from the departments.
  • Appointment of External Examiners for practical examinations.
  • Ensuring students attendance percentage during semester.
  • Lack of attendance, debarred and withdrawal Panel of Examiners preparation from various Institution/Universities.
  • Exam schedule preparation for Semester End Examinations.
  • Appointment of Hall Invigilators, Hall Chart, Seating arrangements, Squad and Chief Superintendent etc.
  • Appointment of Evaluators, Chief Examiners and Chairman for Valuation.
  • Publication of Results.
  • Conducting Malpractice meeting, if any in the semester by Malpractice Committee.
  • Conducting of revaluation and issuing photocopy to the students.
  • Publishing revaluation results and Review process.
  • Conduction of Special Supplementary examination.
  • Printing of Statement of Grades, Consolidated Statement of Grades.
  • Issue of Duplicate Grade Sheet/ Certificate etc.,
  • Issue of Transcripts, CGPA to percentage conversion, Medium of Instruction, WES request etc.,
  • Conduction of graduation day and issuing degree certificate.
  • Assisting in student background verification.

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